Hello there!

I am Annie Marie.

I have been obsessed with anything design since I have been a little girl. I would doodle and draw till the wee hours many a night. I grew up in a home with a father who was a teacher and photographer and a mother who took great care of the home. I got a Graphic Art degree and was ready to set the design world on fire. That is until life took me to Guatemala.

There I helped with my families non profit organization, Common Hope which was my first official logo as a teen. After 8 years, ended up in Miami and started my photography business in 1994. 8 years later I moved my kids back to good ole' Minnesota where I started up another photography studio. Even though photography is what I have created as my career... I could never leave design behind.

In 2005 with the up and coming digital age... I created Annie Marie Designs and began offering design templates for photographers to help make their lives easier.

With a very busy photography studio, it was hard to keep up with the demands of updating and marketing my design site and ever changing design world. I made a choice to concentrate my love of design on logos & branding which was my original design passion. I am slowly adding in a sprinkle of marketing and design templates as well.

In 2012 I decided that after 20 years in business with photography, It was time to help others. I am a giver and want to help photographers just starting out to be successful and not have to learn the hard way with no mentors as I had to.

To begin 2018, I have decided to merge my design business (Annie Marie Design) and my mentoring business (The Mentorshop) into one. Easier to manage and help more people... and Annie Marie & Co. is born. Win win.

Looking back at my childhood... I can see how that has formed my passions today. My father as a teacher has created my love of teaching and desire to mentor. His work in photography guided my path in forming my own successful studio. Twice. My parents work with the poor in Guatemala taught me that giving is the ultimate gift. And my mother being the loving heart of our home has given me the desire to make my family my highest priority. And the design... well that was all me.

I am like a giddy child when I get to create a beautiful logo or brand for someone. Or when I get to mentor a new photographer and watch them take two large steps forward in their business. 

How can I help you today?