Logo2go is your answer if you are on a budget or time crunch. Choose one of my pre made logos and in a week or so... you are ready to go!



All of my pre made logos are limited to one purchase per state. You can purchase additional states if you would like, just purchase the quantity of states you want. PLEASE CHECK STATE AVAILABILITY FOR YOUR LOGO CHOICE BEFORE PURCHASING.

All pre made logos are sold as designed. Fonts and elements are not customizable.

The colors and text ARE customizable to your branding needs.

Once purchased, I will contact you to get information on the customization of which state/s, your studio name and other custom text and color choices. I will rework your logo and send you a sample to proof. Once proofed, I will send your logo in Jpeg and transparent PNG files.

Be aware that with a pre made logo design... not all letters will work great with all fonts. When creating a custom logo designI take great care & time working letters and symbols to be cohesive and the logo2go may not have the same aesthetic once customized with your text. I promise to do my best to make it look amazing!

Due to the nature of the sale, there can be no refunds. If you are unsatisfied with how the customization of the logo2go looks, I am happy to use the payment as a deposit on a custom logo design.